Someone’s been a very good girl! + a tutorial!


I have great news! I finally sent off my university application yesterday! Yay! I also ordered copies of my old school papers that I need to send to the university. This is actually really small thing, not worth a blog post. But to me it was huge task! Taking care of things like that is really difficult for me sometimes. But now it’s done, and I even got a ten euro refund from the place I ordered the papers from! Double yay!!

The really good thing about sending the application is that I got a bit of that studying sparkle back. Now I feel like studying chemistry again! That’s really great, since I’ve been struggling with that a lot!! Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to learn new tricks. Like they say, old dog don’t learn new tricks. That’s not true. They do learn stuff, but maybe not with the same methods you’d use on small pup. So I need to be more creative with my studying methods. On top of the age factor, I also have very bad concentration problem. I’m in the middle of the process of figuring out if I have ADHD. Which seems really strange, since I’m not hyperactive. I’m just… me 😀 Hyper and active, but not hyperactive ;).

I got the Liebster Award thingy from Lara’s, but since some jerk hacked her blog the post is gone, so I have no idea how to do it. So there won’t be post about that (about me ;).

But I do have something else to offer you!! I was asked (on my Finnish blog) for a tutorial on how to make jewelry. But since I do it as a business, I don’t want to reveal my secrets, even though it’s not really that difficult to figure it out how Pinkkis jewelry is made. Anyways, I wanted to make a tutorial of the process anyway! And I wanted to make it my way ;). Here it is.

Pinkkis Jewelry Tutorial
One doll house,  well equipped
One mischievous doll, preferably Blythe BL, Kozy Kape would be perfect
well lit area

Step 1. Let the doll loose in the well-equipped doll house. Let her do whatever she wants. She’s going to make a mess, that’s for sure. But don’t worry about that right now. You’ll have time to clean up afterwards.

Step 2. Don’t interrupt the doll! She knows what she’s doing. It might look like she’s ruining other dolls’ tea party, but don’t worry about that. You can comfort the other dolls later on. Buy them some clothes or something. They will be okay.

Step 3. DO NOT INTERRUPT HER. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING! It know it may not look like it, but just trust her this one time.

Step 4. Arrange her desk in a well-lit area. Make sure she’s got everything she needs: glue, tools, beads and so on.

Step 5. Admire her little hands as she does her magic

 Step 6. Ta-daa! Jewelry is done! Good job Polly!!

Have a beautiful and creative Wednesday!



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