Howdy! (I guess that’s my favourite way to say hello!)

I’ve been obsessed with building up a life on-line, which is really annoying. I mean it’s fun, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, but I hate to spend hours and hours attached to my laptop. I have a life, don’t I? And when ever I see something nice, something inspiring I feel like going upstairs, to the Pinkkis Factory (to check on my sweaty workers 😉 and try to create something equally as wonderful. But no, my days are spent on-line. And at school. That sucks! I want to be doing something with my hands! And I don’t mean typing new web addresses over and over again, commenting on stuff and so on. I want to create!

My newest obsession is Etsy. I mean it’s not really that new, but now it has become an obsession. To get views, to get something going on. Just a day ago I learned about the treasuries. And already I’ve made three. Check them out. I think I’m brilliant. Which is of course something that should not be said out loud. But my doctor said I might need medication, so I guess that means I’m a bit cuckoo, so I might say something inappropriate 😉 My Pink Treasury, my Craft Treasury and the latest, Magical Forest. Click click!

I also was invited to a Finnish Handcrafters Team, I joined right away and have been addicted right from the start. I need to be somebody at least somewhere! I need people to know I exist! I enjoy the group a lot. It’s very active and it’s still small enough to have that cozy feeling. It’s not just promotepromotepromote. It’s more than that. But it takes up a lot of time. I’ve already “liked” many stores on Facebook (oh! btw, Pinkkis has fb fanpage as well, so if you are not my number-one fan just yet, maybe you’d like to do something about it… I’m sorry I’m feeling a bit silly today!) and also started to follow many blogs. And I noticed I have a new reader! Welcome! I hope you like it here!!

I’m not that active on Flickr, but still try to keep up with my contacts there. I still enjoy pretty pictures and most of the Blythe stuff  🙂 But what is getting more and more of my attention again is shopping. Bad, bad, BAD! I’ve tried to be reasonable, like only ordering stuff for Pinkkis, and just teeny tiny amount of silly billy stuff. And every now and then I’ve asked my hubby’s opinion. Which is always very grown up and responsible thing to do. He always says no to everything, and then I order them anyways. At the moment I’m waiting for some fabric (did I tell about that yet? The Barbapapa, Lego and Mario Bros. fabrics? I guess not). I think they were the most expensive fabrics I’ve ever bought. But they were wonderful and I couldn’t find them anywhere else (I really checked!). And also some washi tape, address labels for Pinkkis, stamps for Pinkkis, shopping bags for Pinkkis (yellow and pink, they look like bunnies and bears – super cute!) and what else. Little knick nacks. I really should not be ordering anything for a while. Maybe I wont. I’ll do my best! (It’s part of my illness, so I can’t really help it 😉

Oh boy! To the topic. It is related to all this! Trust me! So now you know I’ve been online a lot — way too much! And not really doing anything that makes me happy (except for shopping!), but yesterday I had to get off of the computer and do something real. It was my daughter’s BD party, so I had to bake. And bake I did! For the first time I made rainbow cupcakes. I had no idea how they were done, but I thought it would be pretty easy thing to do. And in a way it was, just a lot of slow work. And they came out great!!! What do you think?

I’m glad I was “forced” to bake! My daughter helped with “mokkapalat,” mocha flavoured thin cake with glaze. We also had some vegan candy and other treats. (I will make that food post soon!!)

I’ve been sewing sanitary napkin pockets, they are so much fun to do!

 Have a sunny and awesome weekend! Hubby’s taking me to the movies, maybe I’ll even wear a dress!!



8 thoughts on “Cupcakes!!

  1. Hello!
    I'm a new reader of your blog! ∵ゞ(´ε`●)
    Your pictures are very cute! I like your style!
    Please keep on blogging!
    If you want, please check out my blog, and follow each other? 🙂
    I made a new post about my Japan trip!(=◕ ε ◕=) 9

    or follow on Bloglovin because Google Reader will STOP on the 1st july 2013 😦

    Thank you and have a nice weekend!(๑╹◡╹๑ )

  2. Konnichiwa! Welcome to my blog! I hope you like it! I checked your blog and it looks so much fun! I started to follow it on Bloglovin! Thank you for your nice comment!



  3. Hi Renews! Thank you for your comment! The cakes we so yummy, I wish I could've shared one with you!

    I'd love to follow your blog but I don't understand Polish 😦



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