Post Birthday Withdraw

Yesterday was my birthday and I was the center of the attention. My hubby made me breakfast according to my instructions, I got tons of presents and about a million people wished me happy birthday on Facebook and I got phone calls and I felt really alive and happy. And then came night. I had to give up my day. Now somebody else is celebrating and I have to step aside and wait for a whole year for my turn again. 😦 I don’t even have any late presents coming, since I got everything on time. Well, my mother said she’ll take me to the movies. Does that count? Thank god the mail is here and in the mail was a package from Japan. It’s something I’ve ordered, but it’s better than no packages at all :).

I had my party on Sunday, a day early. I had invited bunch of friends over, and we had fancy tea party. And we discussed grown up things, like seasonal decoration for your bathroom and dinnerware. (We also talked about dolls and stickers, just to keep the balance.)

I had made tons of food! Way too much, and now we have to eat cupcakes and raspberrybars for breakfast and peppermint-chocolate and pasta salad for lunch for the whole week. Life after birthdays suck. I had ordered some Marie Antoinette themed cupcake wrappers from Etsy and they were just perfect for my sophisticated party. Also, the party favors were just great for my elegant guests. I had so much fun making those candles. First I had to go to a thrift store (what an awful task to do!) and choose pairless tea cups and plates. Then, glue the plate to the cup, fill them with melted stearin and let them set, and then fill in the deep hole that gets there when it’s settled. I then attached cell phone charms: masks painted with glittery black nail polish.

I need to cut it short, since I have to sew! I have a custom order on Etsy (yay!) and some other projects I need to work on.

But before I go, I want to share a little gift with you 🙂 Since it was my birthday, I’m offering a coupon code for Pinkkis Etsy customers!! 10 % off with code PARTYON. Code is valid for the whole week!! Lucky you!!

This package came last week. I like little things.
Pinkkis’ newest creation!! Quirky pouch for Moon cup (or Diva, which ever you prefer)

 Okay, take care and have super fun day-after-my-birthday!!



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