The best husband in the world!

OOLN (outfit of last night, note the holes!)

In Finland we have a stupid saying that goes something like this: The one who has happiness should hide it. Meaning if you get lucky somehow, you shouldn’t show it to the others, they might get jealous and try to ruin your happiness. And it’s something that sticks quite deep with us. Like during the week I found out I will get really nice tax refund, and I’will be able to travel to Japan next year (which has been a dream for a long time, since it would be 10 year anniversary trip — meaning ten years since my first trip   — and it’s also Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday), so I was super excited! I went to tell to my husband and in the middle of the sentence I realized he’s going to get upset, since there are half a million things he’d want me to spend the money on, like a new bed he’s been wanting forever, a deck in our back yard, whatever for the house, like anything else but not another trip for me. So pooof, I didn’t feel like sharing my happiness. The second person with whom I wanted to share my happy news would’ve been my mother. But I knew right away what would be the first thing she’d ask: how much would she’d get? (I own her a LOT of money, otherwise I wouldn’t habe been able to keep the house we live in.) So I didn’t call her.

Just like my hubby R.G. also takes care of animals

To me this is really difficult. It’s somehow against who I am. If I’m happy, I want the whole world to know I’m happy! And because I get so excited, for some reason I think my happiness wouldn’t upset others, and actually think that they would be happy with me. But this is not the way world works. Some “good people” might be happy for you for a while, but if it has nothing for them, they don’t really care. And the rest of the people think you’re just rubbing it into their faces and like your happiness even less.

People like you for what they can get from you. Usually it’s just something as simple as you liking them back. And that’s how it works — there’s really nothing wrong with that. If it doesn’t have anything for them, sooner or later those people dissappear from your life. Or you will disappear from theirs if they don’t get anything for you. And that’s fine. That’s life.

But I think it’s also very calculative. I don’t know how to adapt along with that information. So strange. Okay, whatever. Use me all you want and I’ll do the same to you :).

These kinds of things my sweet hubby makes for us!

Anyway, to my topic. That stuff before was kind of extended prologue for my actual subject. And my chosen subject for today is my husband 😀 (I’d make a heart but blogger gets so upset when I do that so I won’t). I have the greatest husband in the world. My husband is the best there is, and I’m not afraid to say it out loud, even if that meant I now have to sleep with one eye open being scared of crazy ladies trying to steal him away from me!

My husband doesn’t want his pic to be posted, so I’m using pics of Mr. Gosling, who’s almost as handsome as the real thing. My husband takes a really good care of his health: he runs and does sit-ups

Just like my hubby R.G. takes good care of his health

and stretches and eats very healthy. He’s compassionate: he’s vegan and he’d never buy a dog from a breeder, he didn’t support pet stores that sell puppies or kittens (when he lived in the States) by buying dog food from them. He’s talented in many ways: he’s a writer, he’s a poet, he draws well. He’s a great househusband: he cooks, he cleans, he fixes things, he takes good care of the dogs, he feeds my kids and takes care of them so I can study/go to doll meeting/or whatever. He’s good even with “man stuff”: he does stuff to the car, he fixes all of our bikes, he can lift big rocks if needed, he can scare away crazy drivers, he’s fun to be with, easy on the eye, he balances me out a bit. Over all, he’s amazing person. And he’s all mine! Am I lucky or what? And those only few of the things he’s giving me, or things I’m getting from him — hopefully I have enough to offer him!!

And since there’s nothing for you in my husband, I think I should cut it short, or you’ll get bored and run to some other blog ;).

R.G’s happy moment

Super amazing greetings from Japan!

But before that, I just want to share few happy moments with you, even if it meant rubbing it in your face ;). On Monday my third book was finally finished and ready to pick up! We went to get it right away, since I don’t like waiting. It’s so pretty! Then I received my stickers and notebooks from Janetstore and finally yesterday I got a package from a blog reader!! My Finnish blog has a Japanese reader who lives in Finland. She’s a vegan, too so we have that in common :). She had visited Japan this spring and brought me souveniers!!! Super awesome! I got okonomiyaki flour mix, okonomiyaki sauce, Lärabar bars, Hello Kitty netsuke and a cute Japanese magnet. And a sweet letter and very handy instructions on how to make the okonomiyakis. I feel so happy! And I don’t feel like hiding it either :).

My newest stickers!

Okay, I guess this is enough for one day. Enjoy the pictures! Hauskaa Vappua! Happy May Day! It’s a big celebration here in Finland, but we like to take it easy and just stay home and eat!

Cute and delicious!

The author hides behind her characters
My dinner last night. I absolutely LOVE vanilla Coke. I barely ever buy it though.

Do you have any great or less-great news to share? I’d love to hear!



3 thoughts on “The best husband in the world!

  1. Mulla on jatkuvasti sellanen fiilis ettei sais huudella jos jotain kivaa tapahtuu.. 😀 Mut toisaalta ei sais valittaakaan 😉
    Ihanan näkönen toi sun kirja 😉

  2. Kiitos Lara! Mun eka reaktio hyviin asioihin on just se huutaminen intoo piukassa ja sit melko pian iskee se paniikki, et nyt turpa kiinni tai muuten…a) joku tulee ottamaan mun hyvät asiat pois b) ihmiset ärsyyntyy c) mä en oo tätä oikeesti ansainnut, joten nyt hiljaa d) jotain muuta jonka unohdin heti kun se oli mielessä käynyt. Todella ärsyttävää, kun tekis mieli vaan hihkua. Yleensä mä kyllä aika lailla hihkunkin, mut sit mä jälkeenpäin harmittelen sitä, kun muut ei ota osaa mun riemuun. Mut kyl mä ite myönnän, et välillä tosi kateellisena katson muiden lomakuvia tms. Ei niin, että haluaisin muilta sen pois, mut olis kiva itellekin joskus saada jotain vastaavaa. Ja kyllähän me kohta päästää sukuloimaankin, nii ettei täs mitään hätää 🙂
    Toivottavasti tekin pääsisitte pian, ei siinä en kyllä edes tiedä haluaisitko, mut mä ainakin haluaisin lukea ja nähdä kuvia teidän japaninreissusta 😀


  3. Mulla ei taida olla sellasta luontaista hihkumisreaktiota, pikemminkin oon vaan “arveluttavan tyytyväisen olonen” (jotain tuttua lainatakseni). Joo ollaan me menossa kans täs tän vuoden puolella, tosin mä en voi olla kuin viikon koska toi iguana pitää jättää hoitoon :D. Mies on sit pitempään.

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