One Crafty Bitch!

I haven’t done anything “serious” this week, so I’m going to share with you my less serious crafts, which I’ve enjoyed a lot!

I’ve had many smaller projects this week, and didn’t feel (well, do I ever??) like staring time-consuming project. So all that I’ve done I’ve been able to do from start to finish in about 15 minutes. All of my projects have been not just time-friendly, but also environment friendly too! Which is such a big thing for me.

First I started with teeny tiny scraps of fabric so small that they were about to end up in the bunny litter box. But I saved them for this silly project. 🙂 Other than that all you need is piece of string (I’ve saved some short strips that aren’t good for anything really), some filling (I used filling from soft baby books that I’ve bought from thrift stores for my other projects). To be honest, I don’t even know what to do with these, but they look cute and they were fun to make. 🙂

The next project was somehow pretty similar, or at least the supplies were quite the same. Small pieces of fabric, some more fabric (solid colors) or some acrylic felt and double-sided sticker sheet. I have sheets and sheets of felt, so it was good to use some of it. It’s one of those things that I end up hoarding in my closets, because you never know, and short strips of ribbon, of which I have a lot thanks to scrapbooking (and I’ve saved those, too). And double-sided sticker sheet and/or brooch pins, depending what you want to do with your ornament.

And the last one. It’s something I’ve done before, but now I made them a bit different. The original idea was from a book whose title I can’t remember. Sorry. Something about miniature crafts. Wonderful book, though! All you need is wooden beads, empty thread spools (I have plenty), strips of old magnet (mine’s from a memo pad that had two strips of magnet at the back), fabric, small beads and some sharpies. Once again, there’s really not that much to do with these, but they were fun to make and they look cute.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures — Flickr refuses to work properly — so they are straight from my camera.

Any ideas what to do with these things I made? I’ve sent the stickers with Pinkkis orders, as a thank yous, but what about the others?

I hope you all have sunny and beautiful weekend!!


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