Effin’ cold out there and in here!

I love living in Finland. I love all the little things that make this country so unique. You know, being grumpy nine months of the year, not looking strange people in the eye, avoiding neighbours and so on. I like that. But I fucking hate the cold weather!!! The only thing good is the fact that it kills pests and other stuff so we don’t need to use that much chemicals on farming. But that’s it. Everything else – just go away, please!! I don’t even like burning candles!

I hate winter clothes, I hate their stuffiness, bulkiness, I don’t even like the fluffyness that much, nor the earth toned colors.

I hate the dry winter air. It makes my skin super dry and when it’s dry it gets scratched so easily. For six months I look like I’ve been fighting with a cat every day. I also feel super bad for my daughter, whose skin is even worse than mine. Hers gets so dry it hurts to even look at it. Poor thing. Also the annoying dry air will make everything so freaking static! And when you are into dolls with plastic hair…static is not something you want! The flyaway hair makes me crazy!!

I don’t like the lack of Finnish products on the veggie isle at the grocery store. Other than root veggies, everything seems to be imported. It’s quite a challenge to eat locally when all you have is carrots, beets, potatoes and cabbage.

Walking the dogs becomes a challenge. First you need to get dressed warm enough to be able to go outside. And that takes time. During that time the dogs are whining and crying non-stop by the door, and that’s something that drives me crazy, too! Once you get outside you need to be really careful not to slip on the icy ground, which is nearly impossible, with two big dogs. You’re also supposed to keep your fingers and toes wiggling at all times, so they wouldn’t freeze. And with the clumsy mittens you always end up getting dog poop on you, goddammit!

Riding my bike is no longer fun. My bike freezes and my hubby doesn’t know how to fix it (note from hubby: does know how to fix it, but because Raisa treats her bike like a wheelbarrow and leaves it in the rain all year, the cables freeze, so whatever). So I have to take it inside five hours prior using it and make it sure I won’t be using it outside too long, or it’ll freeze again and I have to walk it home! Happened so many times last year, I rode it to school and walked it back. Grrr! Also dressing up for a long bike ride is not easy! First 20 minutes you are going to be freezing, but after that you wish you wore nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. And hat, thick gloves and warm winter boots.

But the worst part is inside our house. It’s cold. Starting from yesterday we’ll be cold until at the end of April. The house is so old and leaky no matter how much we heat it the heat escapes almost as fast. Okay, it’s not that bad, but bad anyways.

And you can’t even take nice pictures of the dolls outside, because it’s too cold! You just run out there, click, click and then have to rush back in with frozen fingers.

This pic is still funny, the story behind it is 🙂 Polly just moved to F-land from sunny Australia and is very pissed.

So, today is the second freezing cold day. How many are left? Brrrrrrr! I don’t want to think about it!

Stay warm! I know five people who are keeping at least their dollies warm with Pinkkis sleepsacks 😉 First sack sale on Etsy last night! Feels so great! So, what are you waiting for,  go ahead! Make my day, buy a tote for your dolly from my shop! 😀 I guess I should go make more, sincere there is just one in the shop at the moment.


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