Where the magic happens

I know I’m kind of an underdog here, with my incredibly cluttered and colorful style. If you even can call that a style. I know that the incredibly beautiful houses that are presented in magazines are all very minimalistic, very white, very clean, airy and very much not like me at all. Even the Etsy frontpage is always very sterile (except for today! At least in Europe it had some touch of color in it! Woohoo!) and I never like it. And I know for sure I’d never ever get my treasuries on it. Mine are always very colorful and messy. 🙂
 I have tried to declutter, and I’ve done pretty darn well at it! I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but then at some point it starts to get very difficult. For a long time I got rid of one item per day, until recently. Now it’s more like one item per week. The question I ask myself is: Would I buy this again? Like if I didn’t already have it, would I buy it from the store. It’s funny how often the answer is no. But not anymore. My craft supplies are kind of sacred. I mean I don’t need to justify them – I use them to make my crafts and even if I have something I haven’t used for a year (another thing to ask yourself, if you haven’t used it within a year, you should get rid of it) I still might need it eventually. And I almost always do! I love that feeling, when I use up something I’ve had for years and never thought I’d end up using. 
But what about the silly stuff that I “collect”? What about all the little trinkets and toys that I just can’t
stop buying. The stuff that fill my closets and most of all – my wall space. Occasionally I go through some of them and decide I’ll only keep the really cool ones, but still I have hundreds of small items in numerous wall display shelves, mostly in my craft room, but some on the stairway and in my bedroom as well. And in a way they make the already wonky house look even more like a toystore. And not necessary in a good way. 
Sometimes I dream of a elegant white house, with white airy drapes, just few pieces of white furnitures,
tranquility, the sound of whales singing (from a CD), spotless walls, spotless everything. And then I realise I’d get an allergic reaction from all that space and would shiver from the lack of colors. Guess what! No matter how unfashionable it might be, how uncool, how against Etsy’s policies — I like my silly, non-matching colors, broken and dirty toys (actually only few of them are broken or dirty, it just sounds better if I say it like that 😉 and my cluttered craft room. My desk (and the whole room when I get really good/bad) works as a indicator for how creative I feel: When I’m just working on something less exciting the desk stays in pretty good shape, but when I’m feeling super creative and super amazing, the desk and the whole room, from floors to the walls, is really cluttered and filled with piles of fabric and beads and papers and what not. And that is great! Sometimes it gets so bad I have actual layers of projects on my desk. And then I usually end up making some horrible things, like cutting through something I really shouldn’t be cutting etc.
At the moment I’m working on Blythe Sleepsacks. They are so much fun to make! They take a lot of time, but I’m learning how to work faster. Like just few days ago I started gluing the ends of a string I use for zipper pulls, to make it sturdier for the beads. It used to take me forever to get the small beads on the string, but not anymore! And for this project I was able to use fleece that I had tons of just laying around, left from some previous project I didn’t feel like finishing… Last Saturday I had to buy more, though. I’ve made over 30 sacks already, so it was predictable that I would run out of it. 
The sleepsacks get the room only mildly messy, so I’ve managed to keep it pretty clean. So I felt comfortable enough to take pictures. And I actually cleaned it up after that. And made some more mess with fabric spray paints, but that’s another story.
I also like to organize, it’s just that it won’t stay that way for long 🙂
Oh! Before I go, I’d like to say that no matter how messy and cluttered it might seem, I still know pretty well where everything is. 
 “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”Albert Einstein.


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