A week in the life of Raisa

What a great week I’ve had! Okay, ther have been some down’s, too. But mostly up’s and even higher up’s! I did break my winter jacket. I’m not able to buy a new one right now. Not when I’m deep in the middle of saving money! And new jacket is not what I’m saving for. So that was very, very bad time for my jacket to break. Damn zipper!

Luckily while looking for my awful spare jacket I found almost brand new jacket that was purchased for my son but that he never wore which fit me just fine! Yay!

Soon I’ll have a zoo!!

I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately and a bit down, too. But nothing that a little praise on FB or Etsy couldn’t fade away πŸ™‚ I’ve made some new pouches, and they came out great! I’ve also been working on some secret project, which has been really fun. Except that I sew bunch of seams -wich I randomly selected, having two options only – in the wrong order. I hate when that happens. And I do it quite often, that I choose the wrong one. Well, it wasn’t anything major and now I know how it’s done πŸ™‚ I’ve had quite strict plan for each day and I’ve been following it very strictly πŸ™‚ No time to fool around! And I want to have new stuff available when hubby is done with my new website, which should be soon!! Exciting!

The best part is that I’ve been loving it. Seriously. I enjoy what I do. That is the best feeling there is! I’m still trying to figure out how to make it a serious business. But maybe I wouldn’t enjoy it after that? Don’t know.

Okay, my To Do -list for today is rather long, I better get started! (I have some amazing ideas I want to work on today! I found some latenight scribbles on my bedside notebook this morning and I want to try those ideas out πŸ˜€

Miki and Alex.

Oh! One more thing! I “had” to debox my Middie!! Middes are the medium sized Blythe dolls. I bought one almost a year ago. And I kept her in the box. I just wasn’t sure if I liked her, so better not lower her value, in case I wanted to sell her later on. I don’t really like middies. But the I saw some really nice pictures of this particular doll (the same as I have) and I was very tempted. But no. In box she stayed. Until a customer asked for middie sized teddy bear sleepsack! Yay!! There was my reason! So off box she comes! And it was so exciting! She’s so different from the dolls I was used to. The eye mechanic works differently, by rolling, not by pulling. And her head tilts!! Yay! Very cute. And the thing that I had feared the most did happen. I liked her. I think she’s really cute and I think she deserves a friend. a real friend. Not just Kevin who hangs out with her just to see glimpses of her super beautiful big sister Alex (MUG). So Miki, the “new” doll (she’s not new! I bought her almost a year ago!) has to have Puchippu Chappu Pepa as her best friend. And she has to have more clothes! Now she has just the dress she came with plus a dress from MLP Megan, that fits her pretty well. This is very dangerous hobby when one is trying to save money! But I have decide not to buy anything before the trip. If the Pepa girl is still available when I go to Japan I’ll buy her, if not then too bad.

Sometimes I struggle with ideas what to blog about – if you have anything in mind, anything at all please feel free to contact me, either here or by e-mail pinkkisfun(at)gmail.com.

Take care and have fun!!


We had our 4th Anniversary this week!

My new favorite!

A tiny surprise!

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