One Month Project: Organize Tehdas (Factory)

As some of you know I have my very own craft space — a whole room dedicated  to my crafts. It’s a luxury, I know. I used to dream of my own space, where I could leave my unfinished projects safely, knowing they’d be there when I get back to them. But what I didn’t dream about was the constant mess, the lack of space (how can that happen when you have tons of closets  and shelves??!) and the endless piles of just about everything.

I know I’m not the cool minimalist with white walls and three super awesome pieces of art on my desk. I’m messy, loud (but only around people I know and trust), chaotic, and most of all, I’m the opposite of minimalist. I’m hoarder. I love stuff. Having a lot of stuff around me makes me feel safe. And beautiful things are, you know — beautiful things and the more the merrier.

I’ve gone through phases where I want to get rid of stuff and I still think that’s very important, even though in my case it always ends with me buying even more stuff to replace the things I gave away. But at least I go through my closets and then have better knowledge of what I have and what I don’t have.

As a crafter it’s okay to have big stashes of everything. You’ll never know what you’ll get excited about the next day! It could be something totally different from what you’ve been working on for weeks. So it’s vital you have all the right tools and supplies ready.

I think all this is okay. It’s part of my nature to be hoarder. But what’s not okay is to have fabric around the house (mostly in my room, but I have stashes downstairs as well). Actually I think I have fabric scattered in six different places. And that’s at least four too many. I don’t have closets big enough to store them all in one place, but six is too many!

I have packaging material (bubble wrap, padded envelopes and so on) in four places, ribbons in four I think, doll stuff all over the place, beads and stickers everywhere, jewelry parts here and there… I might look like I’m well organized, since the room is quite small and I have so many drawers, some even labels on them (but the labels don’t make any sense anymore). But what friends and visitors don’t see is how everything is everywhere. Like I said, fabrics in six different locations.

I pretty much know where to find what ever I’m looking for, but to save time and to be more efficient and to get more space I have decided to organize the whole room all over! Everything! Hubby said I should take some of my toys away and use the space for my craft stuff, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to go to such extreme measures. But we’ll see! I might even do that! Not all, but some. Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not. Most likely not, but I’m not saying definately not. Not yet. 🙂

I don’t have any pictures just yet, but when I go upstairs I will photograph every single closet and drawers and everything. The way they are now, so you’ll now what I’m talking about. Let me warn you, it won’t be a pretty sight! I have at least dozen (ha! Who am I kidding! At least two dozen!) projects going on over there and everything is just scattered around my room. I had to do some cleaning before my hubby came in to help me with some cutting, but there’s really not that much I can do in just few minutes.

So, my goal is to organize all my storage space, desks, cut down on toys, get rid of unused stuff and clean up the whole dusty room (even my Hello Kitty plush toy collection!,

Here’s some old pictures to give you an idea of the hoarder I am.

Have a great and organized Sunday! It’s Ravintolapäivä (Restaurant Day) here in Finland and I’m in charge of Vegan Restaurant Tour, so I can’t really start organizing today. Or I could, but I HAVE to sew. Seriously. Don’t know what’s happend but I haven’t gotten anything done lately. I’ve sewed a lot, I think, but I can’t seem to finish anything.


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