One Month Project: Organize Tehdas (Factory) Day 1, FABRIC

Not that I’m able to write this every day, but here’s a good start anyway. Day One.

This is silly, and so like me. I took tons of pictures yesterday and now that I’m uploading them I can see that I didn’t have the autofocus on and most of them are really blurry. I switched it on after taking few pics of the bunny that I noticed were really unfocused. But I thought the Tehdas pictures were okay. Until now. Now I know they were not okay. And I don’t like doing things twice…so I have the blurry pictures to share. Maybe that’s for the best 😉 The room is quite messy at the moment…

So, I took the pictures yesterday and tried to make some sort of a plan. I’m still in the process of trying to figure out the plan. I just don’t know how to do it. I do have this book called “Inside The Creative Studio,” but so far it’s been more like inspiration and not really helpful ideas. But there are still few good articles for organizing, too. The first one was about fabric.

And fabric will be my starting point! I think it’s the most difficult part of this whole project, the most time consuming, and funnily – also the one I’m looking forward the most. I love fabric! And it’s always fun to learn about all of the fabric you actually own! There must be many I’ve totally forgotten about. Yay! So exciting! But uh! So much work!!

Should I have all of my stashes at the same place? One closet won’t be enough, so should I have less-used fabrics somewhere else? Should I bring my Elna Press iron upstairs, and bring all fabrics from downstairs to upstairs? So far I’ve been doing the pressing (attaching interfacing to small pouches) while watching movies. But then we have to have the lights on and sometimes I don’t get to focus on the movie if I’m working at the same time. Should I stop doing this and focus on relaxing while I’m supposed to relax? But working relaxes me. I think. I enjoy getting things done. If I brought it upstairs then what should I do while working on the interface? Maybe I could focus on my Japanese lessons. I listen to a Japanese Language Course on CD while I work, and when sewing I miss most of it. Maybe I should start listening to music again and leave the language studies for when I can actually hear it?

I’m going to start with just one shelf, and continue from there. I can’t have all of them piled in the middle of the room. Even though I kind of like the idea of Mount Fabric. 🙂 I’d be the first one to counquer it. 🙂 And I could make my own flag to declare it’s mine! All mine!!!!

I guess the most challenging task will be parting with the less appealing pieces. I have many of those, too. It’s fabric, and I just can’t throw it away. Don’t worry, I’m not actually throwing anything away, but donating it. But what about the old, torn apart clothes I’ve saved for project X? Gosh! This will be hard!!

To get it done, and also tons of other stuff, like mailing my first order to Brazil (yay!) and finishing five Sleepsacks, I should get started!

The main fabric storage
New shelves, stuffed with “everything”

Messy cabines above the sink

Less messy cabinets below the sink
Side view of the sink counter
It doesn’t help to have a bunny eating the walls…

Sorry for the awful pictures! I’ll take better ones along the way. In a month I should be able to show really nice pictures!!

Have an awesome Monday!


2 thoughts on “One Month Project: Organize Tehdas (Factory) Day 1, FABRIC

  1. It really is handy when you need something made out of fabric, or new jewelry – you just walk upstairs, tell the factory workers what you need and then come back downstairs with the item you needed 🙂
    There's also another factory right next to mine. There's fertilizer plant in the bunny room, it's good for the garden 😀

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