One Month Project, Organizing the Tehdas (Factory), Fabric

Wow! This really is a great start for this project, third post in a row! Good job Raisa! But still, don’t get used to it. I can’t keep up with stuff, I’m like that. I get excited and then the excitement dies and I no longer care. At all. But now I do care, so lets enjoy that! 😀

So, yesterday was the first day. I paid my son 2,5 euros to move all my craft related things from downstairs to upstairs, to Tehdas. So now my room is even biger mess than what it was before I started…

But that’s a good start. Now I have everything in almost one place. At least I have everything upstairs! In the attic,in the bunny room, inthe kid’s room, in a small foyer, but hey! I do have a lot of stuff!

Okay, so I was supposed to start with the fabric storage. I did a lot yesterday, shipping and finishing orders and so on, but I kind of forgot or maybe it was me running out of time? I didn’t get to do any organizing, until late at night. Hubby, who wanted to watch True Detective, gave me 15 minutes. So I ran upstairs, emptied the top shelf of my main fabric storage closet. I decided to dedicate that shelf  to lining fabrics. In my case that’s thrifted kid’s bed clothing (is that the correct term for sheets and stuff?). So now I have one shelf all nice and organized. And then the timer went off. I had to leave.

Today I have to do some more packing and shipping, and sewing, too. To get some action going on in Tehdas I really have to clear my desk off the junk that’s on it. I also want to get at least two more shelves organized.
I also have two boxes set aside, one for items I want to keep, but stored away. Like keepsakes. And the other box for donations. I gave away my thread spool collection! I’ve been collecting empty spools forever, thinkin one day they’ll be used on some amazing project. I think now is good time to give them away, since I can’t think of anything to do with them, other than this.

So off they go! Along with some fabrics I definately won’t use, or shouldn’t use since they are not my, or Pinkkis style at all. So bye bye clutter, welcome room and space for more important stuff! Did I mention I’m going to Japan in one month and 21 days? With one extra luggage 😉 No more space to spare after that 😀

To make life more complicated I’m getting sick. Being sick sucks if you work at home. If you work for somebody you don’t like it’s sometimes fun. But when you are supposed to get shitload of stuff done…no fun at all.

Must go now. Be good!


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