One Month Project, Organize Tehdas, Day 3


Yesterday was supposed to be the worst day of my sickness, after that I was planning to start feeling better. But then I forgot to rest and I still feel like shit 😦 I don’t like being sick at all.This is quite bad start for my ambitious project. I know I can make it though. Just as long as I don’t lose the excitement of it!

I still got quite a lot done yesterday! I even found my camera 🙂 Except for two shelves all of my fabric is organized! Can you believe that! I’m most proud of my thick, bulky fabric closet. I think it looks really great, and what’s the best part is that it actully works really well! Yay! The cotton closet doesn’t look that great, there’s still the two shelves I haven’t organized yet, but also something else that makes it look messy. I really need to start sewing doll clothes more to get rid of some of the fabric 😉

I also attached the blue thing I got from the thrift store. Well, my hubby did it for me. I’m really getting a lot done, but everything is “in between” places, so it’s still quite a mess. I’m getting a lot more space on my desk, which is awesome since I’ve been cutting fabrics on top of my narrow ironing board. But I’m afraid my desk is not high enough for cutting. We’ll see.

Before I felt I was ready for bed I managed to sew two pouches that had been ordred long time ago. I even took pics of them and uploaded them on Etsy! Before I got all that done I think part of my body was a sleep already.

Now that my fabric is neatly organized (almost!) my biggest challenge is the doll closet. Not the doll house closet, but the “extras” closet. Where I keep doll clothes (two overflowing suitcases), extra furniture, male dolls (not Kevin!!), extra Re-ment, cars and also small pieces of thin wood to build stuff with. In that closet there’s only three shelves and the floor, so everything is just huge mess. I also keep some of my scrapbook items in there. And I’m actually planning to put it all there, to have it all in one place. This means I really have to down-size a lot on my dolly stuff. I have tons of items “just in case”. Some of them have to go. Maybe. To be honest I think it’s justified for me to have tons of that stuff since I like to create scenes and temporary dioramas. And you’ll never know what you might need. So I should keep it all 😀

Mr C went to work meeting so I’ll give you all the typos and grammar errors and all – Enjoy! Silly thing I want to share: A Finnish rock star said big tits and deep cleavage make him click and typos make him mad. It was about his online habits. I’m afraid my blog, either in Finnish or English would make him furious. Luckily I don’t have rock stars reading my blog, or do I? Probably not, since there’s no big breasts or deep cleavages to make them interested 😉

Must go! Bye!


2 thoughts on “One Month Project, Organize Tehdas, Day 3

  1. Wow! I wish I brought all my supplies from Sydney, it is enough to fill a room too. But it is sadly sitting in a container waiting to come out and get made into something! I love your workroom, so interesting!

  2. Thank you Yini so much! I'm really sad to hear you had to leave your craft supplies behind in Australia! That really sucks! Well, maybe one day you'll get them here 🙂 Or are you going back there? Not sure if we talked anout your future plans at the meeting. There was just so much going on I'm sure I missed more than half of it…
    Thank you for your comment!

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