One month bla bla bla, day 6 and 7?

Sorry, I can’t keep track. I don’t really think anyone cares which day I’m on, so why bother?

I took a day off from the computer, which is why I didn’t post yesterday. And also I was one day behind on my too-tight schedule, so there wasn’t really that much to show.

I spent two days working on my sewing corner. Not because it was too much work, but mainly because it was so boring and you really couldn’t see the progress. Especially in pictures it’s quite hard to see if one has dusted or not. So on the first day I dusted everything and on the second day (and that would be yesterday) I organized and cleaned the desk.

Mostly I’ve been sewing. I have to say I love cotton — you know, the non-stretchy one. I absolutely love working with it. After all the stretchy and fluffy and furry materials, basic cotton is a dream to sew. I’m getting better and better with my sherpas and faux furs as well, but nothing is as easy and comfortable to sew as cotton is. Sorry! That was my little love letter to cotton. 🙂

But yes, I have been sewing a lot. I have a lot of custom orders I’m (still) working on. While trying to figure those out (like how to make a bat-shaped carrier?!?) I have learned something very strange about me: I enjoy the mental challenge. I hate it when things go wrong, but this has been fun and it’s given me strange, reality-based trust of my skills. (That might sound strange, but trust me, it feels even more so! lol!) I think I’d be great at designing things and creating the prototypes. I like to solve problems, I think.

I’ve also tried (and re-tried, and re-re-tried) finishing my t-shirts for the secret project I’ve mentioned earlier on. I’m afraid I’ll never get it finished, and one reason for that is that I’m afraid it’ll fail. (I’ve done some serious soul searching over the weekend 😉 .) I just don’t like stretchy materials. Or my sewing machine doesn’t like them. But I’m not going to give up. Not yet!

Back to the project! My goal, among packaging and shipping tons of orders, (the code is still valid for today! PINKKIS300 will take 30% off of your order! Expires today!) is to organize this closet. It’s a small space, so there shouldn’t be that much to deal with. But all those papers! What am I going to do with all those papers!?! This closet also contains most of my stamps. But my inks and rest of my stamps are somewhere else and I want to keep them all together. So I have to do something to fix that.

Last night hubby and I started watching awful, awful movie called 12 Years a Slave. So far it’s been just so depressing and sad. Somehow it has made me think about the animal slavery, too. The way we are used to live, all the well being, it’s all based on slaving somebody. We couldn’t have “it all” if the prices were fair for the other part as well. Animals are paying with their freedom and with their life, and it’s just so unfair. People making our clothes, toys and growing our food pay with their health and sometimes with their freedom and life, too. But how can we settle for less? Less toys? Less clothes? Less electronics? Less exotic food items? Just look at my craft space! I have it all, and I just keep wanting more and more!

Not the ending I wanted for this post. Enjoy the colorful picture my daughter took yesterday.


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