Testing, testing. One two three.

Hello! So, this is my first attempt to blog on this platform. We’ll see how it goes. In case there’s somebody new out there reading my blog, Hi! My name is Raisa. I have a pink hair and I like dogs, bunnies and glitter. Also sewing, fabric and Blythe dolls, which I have way too many. (actually you can never have too many.)


I guess those were the most important likes of my life. 


I don’t usually post pretty pictures, I never seem to know where my camera is. I sometimes post pictures of the food I’m about to eat. I’m vegan, so I never post anything yucky. I make a lot of mess and I’m very disorganized but I’m married to a man, who’s good with the vacuum and the mop.

I had thousand ideas for a blogpost but since I started writing about myself I kind of forgot what I was doing. So my very first post on WordPress will be about me. I am my favorite subject anyway. 🙂 English is not my first language, and this will show. Sometimes I don’t make any sense at all, even with my own language. Just skip those parts and you’ll be fine.

Like I said, I like sewing and that’s a big part of my daily life. I don’t sew very practical things, like table cloths or clothes. At least in 1:1 scale. I do make clothes for my dolls. And I sew pouches. That’s what I really enjoy. Making pouches. With some of the most amazing fabrics one can dream of. I have very nice collection of beautiful fabrics. I just came from Japan, and my two fabric closets are about to burst!

Okay, that’s about it. I need to walk the dogs now.


Thank you for reading! I hope you like it here. I hope I like it here. If not then hubby has to move my blog back to blogger.



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