Best of the best

Gosh! I miss Japan so badly it hurts. I’m so frigging bored at the moment, Finland is such a boring place, Japan has everything exciting and vibrant. Finland has nothing. Of course I know this is not about the country I live in, this is about me. But it’s more fun to blame it on something else, other than me. Right?

Anyway, to end my short series of blog posts about my trip to Japan I’m going to summarize the best parts in this post. Not sure if that sentence made any sense. Sorry if it doesn’t. 🙂

 Untitled designIf I was lucky enough to go there right now, but I had to choose my Top 3 places and only go there I’d go to The Institute of Nature Study. That’s the park I mentioned earlier. With the amazing mushroom.

I’d also go to Nippori, the Fabric Heaven! 

And also to Wrapple, the cutest craft store I’ve ever seen. That’s located in one of the Parco stores. 

But on my way these places I’d insist on going to Nakano, to buy some used dolls and other toys. And to Tokyu Hands, department store filled with everything and also to Daiso, the 100 ¥ store. Of course I’d have to have a break, too so I’d stop by at Darwin Room to have cup of green tea. And while in Shimokitazawa (spelling?) I’d enjoy all the small stores scattered everywhere. Oh! And I couldn’t miss Curly Collection in Daikanyama! Tokyo is filled with everything interesting! And since I missed the Natural Science Museum last time I’d have to go there, too.

So I guess my post doesn’t make any sense, I was supposed to write only about three locations, but I couldn’t pic just three! 

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about Japan I love so much. I think it would be very good to know this, so I could try to create some of the magic here in my everyday life. It has to be about the adventurous feel it has. Every day is a great day to explore! Everything is so full of life and so fast and loud, but not too much. Nothing chaotic! Safe, but not too safe. And not boring at all. How do I get that here? How do I make myself see the life I live here more adventurous? 

That’s it for now. Bye!





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