PINKKIS is my craft business! I’ve been doing it for quite many years, but it was only in the past few that things really started to take off. I primarily sell my products through Etsy.

For 2016 I decided to pay more attention to ecological concerns, so I no longer purchase plastic-based fabrics (such as faux fur and fleece) and other materials (such as batting and plastic beads). Instead I am trying to focus more and more on second-hand materials and more eco-friendly fabrics and threads. I also want to reveal my more mature side, so I’m cutting down on a lot of the cutesy stuff. I still have that little girl inside of me, so it’s not like I will never again delve into such creations, but for now I’m exploring other facts of my imagination.

My creation, the PINKKIS Sleepsack for Blythe dolls, indeed took off big time! Over the past few years I have created a whole range of designs, and I do lots of custom work for Blythe owners around the world. I have made frogs, bats, a lamb, rabbits, bears, dogs, cats, a lemur, bee, dragon, butterfly, shark, Totoro, and others — I can’t keep track! For more information, see the page devoted to Sleepsacks.


I also make fabric pouches. I use carefully selected fabrics and re-used materials for the lining. I’ll be creating different collections over the next year or two, each one focused on a particular theme. The first-ever PINKKIS collection is “Metsä,” which is the Finnish word for forest. Thus, they are animal- and nature-based. They’re available in my Etsy shop as well.

_MG_4735 _MG_4740 _MG_4656

I’ll be introducing some other items this year as well!


Pinkkis pinkkis pinkkis! Oma rakas yritykseni, joka valmistaa kaikkea ihanaa ja herkullista! Pääasiassa kangaspussukoita ja koruja. Pussukat valmistan useimmiten ulkomailta tilatuista ihanista kankaista, vuorina käytän aina uusiokäyttöön otettua materiaalia, ihan ympäristösyistä. Korut on japanilaisista nukkekotitavaroista tehtyjä ihania pikku aarteita. Valikoimista löytyy välillä jotain muutakin, mitä nyt satun sitten tekemään. Tuotteita voi ostaa suoraan minulta tai sitten seuraavista liikkeistä: Heluna Fashion, Animalia ja Etsy. Kannattaa käydä katsomassa!!

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