Sleepsacks for Blythe

The PINKKIS Sleepsack for Blythe dolls is my own creation! It was my solution for transporting my beloved Blythe dolls in both a safe, convenient, and ultra-cute manner. I guess I am onto something, since it has been quite a success!


The Sleepsacks feature a small panel that can cover the doll’s face, or can be left open for display. All of them have wrist straps and original zipper pulls.

I have a whole range of designs to choose from, and do lots of custom work for Blythe owners around the world. In the past year or two I have made a frog, many bats, rabbits, bears, a dog, dragon, and many others. All of my sales are done through Etsy.

As always, all of the Sleepsacks are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Here are a few examples, but for the full range of what’s possible, please visit my Etsy store.

helga_green2lambie3  fluffycat1caramelawbunny1.2  frog32wrestlersack4  superstar4 blackbearycute3 bunnysack2royalpouch2  twotonesack3 cutebear5

65 thoughts on “Sleepsacks for Blythe

  1. From the ones you already did i LOOOVE the bat one. And any other one invented I would like it would be a fairy one ^^

    Facebook: Hadaly Rodriguez

  2. Congrats on your achievements Raisa! Love your new website! I would love to win one that’s made out of a vintage pastel patchwork quilt. Is that too picky?…..I can dream right? hehee 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win one of your awesome sleep sacks!

  3. This is an invitation I cannot refuse! I love all of your bags, following you on flickr. So gongrats to you 400th sales. I look forward to the 500th soon ;-). Can you make a bag in the shape of the eifel tower, or have you already done it? Greetings from Nanette Noisette.

  4. Congrats on your sales!!! All are very nice, i like all of them, bit specially the frog one 🙂 it,s so funny…;-)

  5. Oops! I almost forgot!! The GIVEAWAY!!
    So, I added all the comments (and took few extra comments off), checked the people who shared, added that and got total of 83. I fed that to Random number generator and got a winning number 15. That number belonged to David! Congratulations! I have contacted him, and I’ll soon start working on his dragon sleepsack! (or a goldfish! [eek!])
    Thank you all for participating! I honestly wasn’t expecting to receive such a great amount of the most amazing comments! I’m speechless. So far I’ve seen giveaways as a way to get something cool for free, and I never realized it’s also a way to show appreciation to whom ever is doing the giveaway. You people rock! ❤

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